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Auto Electric Repair in Westerville, OH

Do you have a short fuse for auto mechanics that provide careless car wiring repairs? Keep the current flowing by coming to Wayne's Auto Repair for auto electric repair in Westerville, OH. Whether your headlights won't work or your vehicle's computer system is malfunctioning, you can depend on our ASE-certified technicians for accurate diagnostics and repairs. From inspection and maintenance to repair and replacement, we ensure your car has the power it needs.

Comprehensive Auto Electrical Service

You shouldn't have to tamper with the wires in your car if you're vehicle has wiring problems. Car electrical systems today are more complex than they were years ago. In order to provide accurate auto electrical service, we have the proper training, right tools, and latest equipment to determine the exact problem without making a mess of the wires in your car.

After identifying the issue, we offer a reasonable repair quote before beginning work. Connect the wires again by depending on us for auto electric repair. Some of the common signs that your car may have electrical issues include:

  Battery Losing Power
  Car Not Starting (Starter Problems)
  Anti-Theft System Problems

  Power Windows Won't Work
  Cruise Control Problems
  Sporadic Electrical Shorts

  Ignition Problems
 Headlight Problems
  Fuel Gauge Problems

Auto Electric Repair in Westerville OH

How to Tell You Need Auto Starter Repair

Get off to a good start if your car won't turn over. Depend on us for auto starter repair. If you hear a clicking sound when turning the key, but your car doesn't start, then your starter is probably going bad. Another indication you need car starter repairs is the time it takes to start your engine. If the battery is fully charged, but the car takes a bit longer to crank, bring your vehicle to us. We test your starter to see if it needs to be repaired. Our goal is to ensure your car is reliable whenever you turn the key.

Prompt Car Battery Replacement

Get the power pumping again by coming to our auto shop for a car battery replacement. Instead of taking the time to remove your old battery and install a new one, allow our auto technicians to do the work for you. We install batteries of all sizes for cars of all makes and models.

Fast & Affordable Alternator Replacement

Your car's alternator also generates power for your car's electrical components while charging your battery. When you start the engine, the serpentine belt turns the alternator's rotor shaft to create current. This allows your car's battery keep its charge. When an alternator is not working properly, the battery starts to lose power over time. If your battery dies before its time, you may need alternator replacement. Come to us for a comprehensive alternator and electrical inspection of your car.

Contact us for engine electrical diagnostics if your car won't start. We serve vehicle owners from Westerville, Columbus, Worthington, Gahanna, and New Albany, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.

$49.95 Winterization Service

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