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Engine Repair in Westerville & Columbus, OH

Everybody deserves to have a reliable car. If your car is riding rough on the road or your engine is overheating, then it's time to come to Wayne's Auto Repair for engine repair in Westerville, OH. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive repair industry. We can quickly diagnose the issue and fix any vehicle problem. No problem is too small or large for us to handle.

Engine Repair in Westerville OH

Comprehensive Engine Service

At the first sign of engine problems, it is critical to bring your car or truck to our auto repair shop. You may not know it, but the longer you delay, the more likely the damage will worsen. Equipped with the right tools, our ASE-certified auto technicians specialize in comprehensive engine service. When car problems put a halt to your transportation plans, let us help. We repair and replace all types of engine components, including:

♦  Timing Belts
  Serpentine Belts
  Water Pumps
  Fuel Pumps
  Belts & Hoses
  AC & Heating Parts

♦  Cooling Fans
  Car Batteries
  Head Gaskets
  Cylinder Heads

♦  Chains, Tensioners, & Pulleys
  Intake Manifolds
  Cam & Crank Shafts
  Motor Mounts
  Engine Valves & Pistons

Engine Replacement for All Makes & Models

Are you tired of bringing your car in for repairs? We have a better and more affordable solution. Instead of spending money on frequent repairs or buying a new automobile, engine replacement is a cost-effective alternative for you. We replace engines for every make and model. Allow us to help you decide if this is the best option for you. We also offer easy financing for those with good to no credit.

Engine Tune-Ups: Maintain Your Car’s Engine

Keep your car in perfect health at our shop. We provide diagnostics and car engine tune-ups for all makes and models. From changing spark plugs and fluids to inspected hoses and other important engine components, we locate any issue that could cause problems down the road. We have advanced engine diagnostics that identify any potential problems with your vehicle. By providing engine auto tune-ups, we ensure your car remains in smooth-operating condition.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

If your check engine light is on, it could be a something as simple as a loose gas cap. Perhaps it indicates that an oil change is overdue. By connecting your car or truck to our equipment and running a series of diagnostic tests, we are able to identify the issue. Some of the common reasons a check engine light would be on include:

  Auto Maintenance Required
  Battery Charging Problems
  Old Spark Plugs or Plug Wires

  Oxygen (O2) Sensor Problems
  Mass Airflow Sensor Needs Replacing (MAF)
  Malfunctioning Aftermarket Alarm

  Faulty EVAP Vacuum Hoses
  Exhaust System Problems

Contact us to schedule an auto diagnostic if you're noticing problems with your car's engine. We serve vehicle owners from Westerville, Columbus, Worthington, Gahanna, and New Albany, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.

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