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Auto Suspension Repair in Westerville & Columbus, OH

Are you having a bouncy ride? Enjoy a smoother and steady driving experience again by coming to Wayne's Auto Repair for auto suspension repair in Westerville, OH. Most people pay little attention to their car's shocks and struts, much less know how they work. However, it is not hard to recognize the signs of suspension system problems.

If you notice your car is riding rough or becoming bouncy, it may be time for car suspension repair or shock and strut replacement. Ride smoothly again by bringing your car in at the first sign of problems. Whether you need new shocks and struts or sway bar replacement, we can help. The following signs indicate you may have problems with your suspension system:

  Excessive Bouncing
  Car Leans or Sways on Turns
  Car Nose Dives When Pressing Brakes

  Car "Bottoms Out" on Bumps
  Fluid Leaking from Struts or Shocks

  Dented or Damaged Shocks or Struts
  Uneven Tire Wear

Affordable Shock & Strut Replacement

You would have a very bumpy and jarring ride without car shocks and struts. Stay steady on the highway by depending on us for shock and strut replacement. We install shocks, struts, and suspension parts for all makes and models—both foreign and domestic. As a friendly and professional team of mechanics, you can always depend on us for fast and affordable services.

At our auto repair shop, we repair and install these vital components to ensure your ride is always steady. Whether you need new car shocks and struts, vehicle sway bars, CV and ball joints, or coil springs, you can depend on our team to install the parts you need. Don't get shocked with high prices when you need new shocks or struts. Our team delivers quality repairs and affordable prices that are unmatched in our area.

Auto Suspension Repair in Westerville OH

When You Need Power Steering Repair

Don't steer yourself in the wrong direction when you need power steering repair. Some auto shops charge high prices for this service. However, we keep our prices competitive and even offer convenient payment plans if you'd like. Since it's hard to steer when your power steering has lost its power, we do our best to fix the problem at an affordable rate. Turn to our local, family-owned car repair shop for prompt and complete power steering repairs. We have the specialized tools and training to resolve your steering problems. In addition, we are familiar with all types of systems. Some of the common signs that indicate you need power steering repair include:

  Vibrating or Stiff Steering Wheel
  Strange Noises When Steering

  Leaky Power Steering Fluid
  Bubbles in Steering Fluid

  Color Changes in Steering Fluid

Contact us for a repair quote if you suspect your car has suspension or power steering problems. We serve vehicle owners from Westerville, Columbus, Worthington, Gahanna, and New Albany, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.

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